The Super Decathlon is an excellent aerobatic trainer. It looks like a Citabria, but it doesn’t fly like one!

I can provide aerobatic training in your properly certified and equipped aircraft.  Aerobatics is fun, safe, challenging, rewarding, and is an excellent way to build confidence and competence in all areas of your flying.  There is no rating required in order to do solo aerobatics.  You may take a single introductory flight or a full 10 hour course.   You may also choose to obtain an Aerobatic Instructor Rating.

Anyone can benefit from aerobatic training.  Apart from the sheer fun of it, you will gain familiarity, comfort and confidence in unusual or extreme attitudes, and polish your flying to a level of precision and accuracy which you have only dreamt of before.  You will be fully in control of your aircraft at all times.

To start, you need no more skill than that possessed by an average recreational or private pilot.  You will begin by learning aileron rolls, and will progress through loops, barrel rolls, spins, hammerhead turns, snap rolls, and various combination maneuvers such as Cuban Eights, reverse Cuban Eights, Split Ss, cloverleafs and Immelmann turns.

If you already have a Commercial Pilot Licence or higher, and wish to obtain the Aerobatic Instructor Rating, 10 hours of dual instruction and 15 hours of groundschool are required.  5 hours of solo practice, while not required, are strongly recommended.  A flight test is also required.

I owned this Citabria in the late 1990s and operated it in my flying school. The pilot in this image is one of my aerobatic students.