What is a Real World Flying Lesson?

Beware the Pet Theory! Have you ever met someone who professed to have a Better Way to do something or think about something that flew in the face of normal practices, accepted knowledge and common sense? I recently read an article quoting a high time instructor who claimed that the rudder is the only primary flight control. This came as news to me, and is an excellent example of a pet theory: a *New Improved* way of looking at something that is not based on standard wisdom and methodology, and cannot withstand scrutiny. The Real World Flying Lessons in this section are definitely NOT pet theories. Nothing in here is new or invented by me, nor is it intended to contradict or replace the POH, pertinent Flight Test Guide or the Flight Training Manual.
These pages are intended to cut through some of the issues that I see in many pilots, student and licensed alike, that adversely affect flight competence and flight safety. Read on.
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Approaches and Landings.